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My name is Sandra. I am a Swiss designer who has been developing a broad set of skills while working in various industries within the last ten years. Thanks to my experience in design, media, and economics, I bring different perspectives to the table and tackle complex problems creatively and iteratively. I am at my best when I work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where the combination of my strong organizational and design skills helps me to orchestrate multiple projects in a human-centered way.

I became a designer – not only because I like to challenge the status quo – but also to help people. As a warm-hearted person, I like to support my colleagues and the stakeholders to meet their needs. I genuinely believe that only with collaboration and co-creation, we can successfully deal with today’s challenges.

My work @Mammut
Together with my colleagues at  Mammut, I design delightful digital experiences and create meaningful content for the digital touchpoints. In the seasonal campaign productions, I act as an art director and producer. I am responsible for aligning the overall marketing strategy to the campaign concepts and ensuring that the produced content meets high-quality standards. In addition, I am in contact with different stakeholders such as photographers, production companies, model agencies, etc., and make sure that we meet the budget. 
I am also part of the project team that manages the launch of the new website www.mammut.com. In collaboration with external partners (e.g. Google, Build in Amsterdam), we currently look into quantitative figures to create an even better experience for our clients.

My work @HSLU
I am a part-time student currently finalizing my Masters’ Project to complete the Master’s Design program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne. My project is about building a digital network for cancer patients and creating the conditions within which they will be motivated to use such a service. To better understand the topic and the patients’ situation, I have been conducting various qualitative interviews and extensively exploring the fields of service and social design, behavioral economics, and motivation theory. In addition, I have been working with various design methods that helped me to co-create and collaborate with the stakeholders. My goal is to come up with a human-centered design solution consisting of a service blueprint and a prototype of a digital touchpoint.

Curious? Check out my work.