Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Sandra. I am a Swiss designer who has been developing a broad set of skills while working in various industries within the last ten years. Thanks to my experience in the field of design, media, and economics, I bring different perspectives to the table and tackle complex problems creatively and iteratively. I am at my best when I work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where the combination of my strong organizational and design skills helps me to orchestrate multiple projects in a human-centered way.

I became a designer – not only because I like to challenge the status quo – but also to help people. As a warm-hearted person, I like to support my colleagues and the stakeholders to meet their needs. I genuinely believe that only with collaboration and co-creation, we can successfully deal with today’s challenges.

My work @Mammut
Together with my colleagues at Mammut, I design delightful digital experiences and create meaningful content for the digital touchpoints. In the seasonal campaign productions, I act as an art director and producer. I am responsible for aligning the overall brand strategy to the campaign concepts and ensuring that the produced content meets high-quality standards. In addition, I am in contact with different stakeholders such as photographers, production companies, model agencies, etc., and make sure that the offers are aligned with the budget. I am also heavily involved in Mammuts’ new product style guide. At external photo shootings, I act as an art director and coordinate the work on set.

My work @HSLU
I am a part-time student currently finalizing my Masters’ Project to complete the Master Design program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne. My project is about building a digital network for cancer patients and creating the conditions within which they will be motivated to use such a network frequently. To better understand the topic and the patients’ situation, I have been conducting various qualitative interviews and extensively exploring the fields of service and social design, behavioral economics, and motivation theory. In addition, I have been working with various design methods that helped me to co-create and collaborate with the stakeholders. My goal is to come up with a human-centered design solution consisting of a service blueprint and a prototype of a digital touchpoint.

Curious? Check out my work.