Hear Your Winter Moments

The team created this short animation clip for the “Hear The World Foundation” of the Sonova Group – a leading provider of innovative hearing care solutions.


The team created a video that aims to sensitize the target group to the importance of people’s hearing ability. Not only did we emphasize the noise of certain actions (e.g. zipper) via sound elements but also did make the noises visible with the help of disturbing visual elements.

*** We recommend watching the video with headphones.

My role

The whole team was involved in the production. On set, I was mainly responsible for setting up the light and recording the audio. In the postproduction phase, I worked on the disturbing visual elements in the video and was involved in the color grading too.

Social Media Concept

To reach the audience, we created a social media concept. Please check it out here.

Business partner
Hear The World Foundation

Hear Your Winter Moments

Cécile Kühn, Laura Barrett, Fabian Arnold, Sandra Steiner

Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
DaVinci Resolve