“Shot” is a personal project of Laura Barret and myself. The intention was to photograph the subjects in front of various saturated color screens. Since we worked in a studio that was not equipped with these kinds of colored screens, improvising was key. We shot in front of a green screen and added different colorways in the postproduction. The set-up of the studio, the organization of the props, the booking of models, and the post-production process were quite time-consuming. However, it was a great chance to gain experience in planning and executing a photoshoot from A to Z.

On set we worked with the following equipment:

  • Greenbox Medienhaus HTW Chur
  • Canon 5d Mark iii
  • Sony a7 III
  • Profoto Off-Camera Lighting Set
  • Video and light tripods, various light sources
  • Rotolight AEOS 2


Laura Barrett
Sandra Steiner

Adobe Photoshop
Canon 5d Mark iii


Before After Lorena mit Lollie

Picture before and after retouch